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Integrated Poultry Farming Generating Biogas

We are also into poultry farming mainly chicken farming for meat and egg production. These are supplied to the local community. Waste Generated from Poultry

Every chicken has a potential to generate 0.3kg every week. This waste is a raw material that can be channelled for biogas production.


Biogas Generation from Chicken Section

This section will be used to generate biogas through anaerobic digestion from the chicken waste and manure. The biogas will be used for cooking and heating purposes at the farm. By using the biogas in place of firewood, the project is expected to result in the reduction of the equivalent of about 2000 tons of CO2 per year, thus providing significant environmental benefits. The initiative allows to address two common farming challenges: obtaining energy at sustainable prices and properly disposing of animal wastes, which presents an ecological and regulatory challenge for farmers due to its high content of nitrates.

Its more than eggs and meat: We can also get energy.

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